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The Sovereign Kingdom offers the Global Community expertly designed homes with exceptionally styled interiors. Each home also offers luxury amenities that are fully equipped to meet your needs, with ample space and privacy. Each property is verified to be in pristine condition.


Transportation | Arrival | Pickup


The Sovereign Kingdom offers our clients’ easy and effortless arrivals, private airport pick-up, an in-person welcome, and a home stocked with food and snacks. Upon request,The Sovereign Kingdom also offers tailored services that include, but are not limited to: personal chefs, massage therapists, and a local team of professionals to manage your needs and desires throughout your trip.


Executive | Premium | Business


The Sovereign Kingdom offers the world’s most extraordinary homes with the highest standard of service.The Sovereign Kingdom's offerings span over 90 unique destinations worldwide. Each home is carefully curated to exceed expectations with unrivalled amenities and unmatched concierge services* (executive and upgrade clients).





Our executive listings are our most exclusive offerings and include our full service package*. In addition to being most exclusive, these listings are palatial and unique works of art.




Our Premium listings, although second tier, are magnificent and majestic. Although the full service package is not standard to the Premium Offering, clients can choose to upgrade.




Our Business listings are ideal accommodations for our elite business travelers. Most Business listings are luxury condominiums or homes that are situated in large urban communities and allow for our elite business clients to zip in and out of cities in style, ease and comfort. Our Business listings do not include our full service package offering and upgrade is not available.



Sovereign Kingdom Listings | For Sale

Coming Soon:The Sovereign Kingdom will also offer a platform on which to buy and sell luxury properties around the world.



Chefs:The Sovereign Kingdom has relationships with some of the best chefs worldwide and can recommend the very best. Enjoy elite dining experiences with customized menus created by specially appointed cuisine specialists from the four corners of the world


Jets: Fly conveniently and luxuriously to your next destination by private jet

Exotic Cars: Large selections of self-driven car rental services, as well as chauffeur-driven transfer and transportation services, may be arranged by our dedicated team


Entertainment: We can assist you and recommend the most exclusive events, restaurants, clubs, shows, and theaters.


Laundry: Attend to all your personal laundry needs


Pharmacy: The Sovereign Kingdom will arrange for your Pharmacy Pick up.


Wellness: Energize and tone your body or relax and calm your mind right in the comforts of your villa.The Sovereign Kingdom will arrange certified Yoga, Pilates, and gym instructors for private sessions


Chauffer: Sumptuous chauffeur services are available upon request.


Helicopters: Take flight aboard our fleet of helicopters to suit your travel needs.


Staff: Security guards, bartenders, servers and chambermaids, amongst other professionals from multiple disciplines, are on call just in case you need additional services during your stay.


Yachts: Experience the thrill of sailing with our bespoke yacht charter offerings.


Photographers/ creative service team(s): Need help planning an event or a photoshoot?The Sovereign Kingdom can help arrange this as well. 


Whatever your needs--whether big or small,The Sovereign Kingdom is here to help!